Would You Like To Write, Publish & Market A Quality Non-Fiction Book That Attracts Clients Like Crazy And Generates Multiple Income Streams?

Evolve Instant Author is part of Evolve Your Business product range and have over 23 year history in helping business owners with their business systems and marketing.

At Evolve Instant Author  we see a lot of potential authors fail on so  many levels.  It’s a great shame if even after you have managed to write your book you can’t seem to get any real traction with it.

According to Forbes in their recent “Forbes 400 wealthiest in America” edition 49 of the wealthiest (12.3%) have written at least 1 book, 26 (6.5%) have written a memoir or autobiography and another 49 (12.3%) have had biographies written about them. Obviously, doesn’t hurt to have a book (or two).

On top of that our research has shown that entrepreneurs who have written books have a distinct advantage. According to a BusinessWeek survey, 96% of authors saw positive benefits from their book, like easier access to media/PR exposure, commanding higher speaking and consulting fees, increasing their credibility and reach—and simply earning more.

We have created a Hybrid Publishing System that is unique and ground breaking.  The real secret is that unless you have a full system for creating, publishing and promoting your book it’s likely you will struggle to succeed.

At Evolve Instant Author we have a very simple 5 step process designed to achieve your goals and build a solid platform for your book and what comes next.  These 5 simple steps help you achieve your dreams and goals through publishing.



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