Consulting and Coaching


“Our most intensive and feature rich coaching and consulting program designed for high performing entrepreneurs focused on major performance improvements in their operations. Our consultants will demand the highest levels of performance from you and your team. Expanding operations, launching new products, transitioning leadership, moving towards franchising, then this is the program for you. “

Your Coach will conduct a 2 to 4 hour Strategic Planning Session with you in the first month of the Membership Program to identify the goals and expectations you have of your business. A Strategic Plan will be developed to identify the activities required to achieve your personal and business goals.

Coaching & Consulting Sessions

Your Consultant will have sessions each month of phone or face to face appointments with you. These appointments will be used for goal-setting and troubleshooting. Your Consultant is also available during normal business hours by phone and email to discuss unforeseen challenges that arise during the week.

Templates and Systems

We will supply you with access to hundreds of proprietary templates and systems on an as-needed basis to enable you to complete your weekly goals. These include business and strategic plans, marketing and advertising templates, sales scripts, operations and human resource manuals, etc.

Marketing Services & Systems

We provide a complete marketing service including Internet, offline and Social Media. We also provide software based systems to assist with ongoing management and promotions to customers.

Consultations (Suppliers, Customers, Professional Service Providers)

Your Consultant will conduct up to four complimentary consultations per year with your key suppliers, customers, or professional advisors to solicit and understand their view points and coordinate your membership program with their efforts.

Discounted Resources and Expert Services

We will give you access to business building resources and services supplied by our strategic partners at reduced rates. These include psychological profiling tools, training programs, financial services, and more.